Brum Brum Rally

User manual


Basic functions
Special keys
Text input

This page describes how to use the menus in general. If you're looking for details about a particular menu you might find it on some of the other pages in this manual.

Basic functions

The menus can be navigated using keyboard, mouse or gamepad.

Function Keyboard Mouse Gamepad
Action[1] Enter Left button Button 1
Return to previous menu Esc All buttons other than right and left Button 2
Select next menu item Down arrow Move mouse Down[2]
Select previous menu item Up arrow Move mouse Up[2]
Next value[3] Right arrow Left button or Scroll up Right[2]
Previous value[3] Left arrow Right button or Scroll down Left[2]
  1. Exactly what happens depends on the selected menu item, but often you will be taken to a new menu. If there is no action for the current item it will instead select the first item with an action. This is useful when you want to skip through menus quickly without changing any of the settings.
  2. Game controllers use different methods to enter directional input, it could be a D-pad, a stick or something else.
  3. Only some of the menu items has a value, and not all of them has a notion of "next" and "previous" (e.g. text inputs).

Special keys

There are some functionality that can only be performed by using the keyboard.

Function Key
First menu item Page Up
Last menu item Page Down
First value Home
Last value End
Toggle fullscreen Alt+Enter or F11
Quit game Alt+F4

Text input

Some menu items have a text value that you can type in using the keyboard. To change the text value select the text item and start typing the letters. You will see that the text colour changes to red and the typed text is shown instead of the old value. Press Enter to update the value or Esc to discard the typed text without updating the value.

It's also possible to enter numerical values the same way as described above. For items that have a predefined set of text values to choose from it's not possible to type it as text but instead you can press a letter to change between the values that starts with that letter.