Brum Brum Rally


Brum Brum Rally 0.7 was released on 9 January 2017 and is the most recent version.

Brum Brum Rally 0.7 (latest version)
Windows  688.1 KB
Contains all the files needed to run the game on Windows.
Source code  147.7 KB
Code files and instructions for how to compile and install the game on Linux.

Older versions are still available in case someone is interested but the latest version above is of course the one that's recommended.

Older versions (source code only)
Brum Brum Rally 0.6  146.7 KB 2016-03-24
Brum Brum Rally 0.5  144.2 KB 2014-12-07
Brum Brum Rally 0.4  65.5 KB 2013-01-19
Brum Brum Rally 0.3  60.2 KB 2012-06-24
Brum Brum Rally 0.2  47.0 KB 2011-08-28
Brum Brum Rally 0.1  44.4 KB 2010-12-31

The server software of Brum Brum Rally is called BrumNet and is distributed as a separete package.

BrumNet 0.1  13.8 KB 2014-12-04