Rules and guidelines

Don't spam. No advertising is allowed. Links should be relevant and contribute to the thread. It's OK to post links to your own sites on your user page but in the rest of the forum such links would most likely be seen as spam.

Don't respond to spam and other rule violations. It's usually better to simply ignore and pretend it didn't happen. If you think it can't wait and should be dealt with as soon as possible you can use the contact page to report it, but usually it's not really necessary to do so.

Write so that people can understand. In the English part of the forum all text should be in English. In the Swedish part of the forum Swedish should be preferred but Norwegian and Danish can also be used. Try to write grammatically correct, without spelling errors and foul language.

Format the text nicely. BBCode can make posts easier to read but don't overuse it, or otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Use the [quote] and [code] tags when posting quotations and program code but try to keep it small and post only what's relevant. Avoid excessive use of line breaks, exclamation marks, etc. that serves no other purpose than making the post harder to read.

Don't mention politics or religion. You can of course touch these topics if they are on topic (see next paragraph) but it can easily stir up emotions unnecessarily so avoid sneak political or religious words and views into your posts.

Stay on topic. The forum is about the games and everything on this website. Everything else doesn't belong here. Each thread handles a more restricted topic that should be obvious from the first post in the thread. Only write if you have something to say and think twice before replying to old threads. Don't just write short compliments like "Great site! Keep up the good work". Only spammers do that.

Use descriptive thread titles. Thread titles should be short but give a hint of what the thread is about. Examples of bad titles are "Help" and "Bug". Examples of better titles are "How can I install Brum Brum Rally on Linux" and "Forum bug when logging in".

Don't be a jerk. Try not to be rude or mean to other people. Don't lie, provoke or irritate just for the fun of it. Keep in mind that visitors can be of any age so make sure the content is not unsuitable for young people.

Don't break the law. Don't even link to websites containing illegal or doubtful content.

What you write stays. It should be possible to read and understand a thread years after it has been written. It is not allowed to go back to a thread that you have posted in and remove what you have written in such a way that it damage the thread. The possibility to edit posts is there to allow spelling errors to be corrected, fixing broken links and other minor errors. It should not be used to remove what has been written. Never take the possibility to edit posts for granted. As a guest you can only edit your post a short while afterwards (at best, if everything works as intended). As a logged in member there is no such time limit but you never know if your account will get hacked or suspended, you forgot your password or the thread that you wrote in will get locked, so be careful with what you write because you might not be able to change it.

Don't use the forum for private discussions. There is no built-in way to handle private messages but that doesn't mean you can use the forum for that. If you want other members to be able to contact you, one way is to put your contact information on your user page.

Don't use URL shorteners. Always link directly to the page, without redirects, so that people can clearly see where the link will take them. If you think that a web address takes up too much space in a post you can always use the [url] tag to set another link text.

Your information is not safe. Even though I try to keep information like IP, password and email address secret I cannot guarantee that this information will not end up in the hands of criminals. The server could get hacked, someone might be spying on the traffic, etc. The passwords are not stored in clear text, but are salted and hashed first which gives some security but to be sure that the password cannot be used to log in anywhere else I recommend that you use a unique password. At least don't use the same password as for your email account because that is the first place they will try.

This forum uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored by the web browser and can be read and updated by the site ( The cookies are used to verify logged in users and to give guests a chance to edit their posts. If you avoid posting or logging in to the forum no cookies will be stored on your computer. The cookies are deleted automatically when you log out or when you close your browser (only true if you have not checked the "Remember me" box).

Posts that don't follow the rules (or if deemed necessary for other reasons) may be removed, modified or restored. In some severe cases user accounts can be locked or removed completely. These rules and guidelines can be changed at any time without prior notice.