Flash games

These are the flash games that once were the main attraction on Dataapa. Now they are just reminders of old times. There are a few bugs but I'm no longer using flash so don't expect any improvements to be made.

The Curse of the Mountain

The evil witch Kalé has used her mighty powers to lay a curse over the mountain. The king has been put in a cage that can only be opened if you have the three magical keys. You will have to learn how to fight using sword, axe, bow or magic and fight against evil enemies. Kill Kalé and rescue the king to make the mountain a peaceful place again.

Skruv Straff

The game title is in Swedish but the game is actually in both Swedish and English. The game should be played with a friend at the same computer. Shoot the ball into the goal and try to stop your friend from scoring. The ball can be controlled with the keyboard to make it behave very strange and hard to catch. Best of five penalties wins.

Dangerous Water

You are in the middle of the sea and have to swim away from the sea monsters. Try to take the blue bubbles that fall from the sky. When you have collected 50 bubbles you will reach the beach.

Farmer Escape

The farmer is trapped by bushes and can't escape. The enemies are everywhere and they will only increase in number. There is no way to survive. The goal is to survive as long as possible.


This is the first flash game I did. It's a very simple game and not very hard if you know how to play it. You will meet a monster that wants to eat you. Kill the monster or die.

Other flash stuff (not games)

The Man and the Tree

A short flash movie about a man that is hit by a stone in the head. Watch it! It's very short so you probably have the time.


A nice view over plants and mountains. Use the arrow keys to see more.