Brum Brum Rally

User manual

Network play

Connect to network
Join game
Create game

Brum Brum Rally can be played with people on different computers over a network.

Connect to network

Before connecting you need to decide which network you want to use and how many players that will play using your computer.

Default value: 1
The number of players on your computer that want to play. Make sure all of them have a unique name that is unlikely to be used by other players and that the controllers has been set up to your liking in the player settings.
Default value: internet
The network to use. The Internet allows you to play with people from all over the world. For this to work the server need to be functioning and your computer need to be accessible (see the network settings for more details). The LAN does not need a server but is more limited, usually to the computers at your home or in the same office building.

Join game

After connecting you will see a list of network games (if any) that you can join. The following information is listed for each game:

  1. The ping value shows the time (in milliseconds) that it takes to send a small piece of information back and forth between two computers. A low value is an indication that the game experience will also be good. A high ping value is more likely to cause lag.

In the process of joining each player will have to select which car to use. Pay attention to the player name. The car selection could fail if someone else is joining at the same time and happens to select the same car. Note that all players might not be allowed to join. The game might be full or there might be a limit in how many players are allowed from the same computer. If some of the players could not join you will get a notice saying so.

After joining a network game you will have to wait until the next race before you can play. No menu will be shown by default because the only thing you can do from the menu is to leave the game. If you want to show the menu you have to press Esc.

Create game

Creating a network game is pretty much the same as described in Single Race and Tournament except for the following settings:

The name of the game that will be shown in the list of network games.
Max players
Default value: 8
The maximum number of players in the game.
Max players per client
Default value: 4
The maximum number of players that can join from the same computer.

The racing starts right away after the game has been created and people can join and leave at any time. The network game will continue to exist until it's ended from the menus or the program is closed. Note that there is no way to pause a race in network mode.

The creator of the network game is responsible for starting new races and for how long the results should be shown. It's not a good idea to create a game and then walk away because people that join will not be able to do anything on their own except writing chat messages.


It is possible to communicate with the other players by sending text messages. Before joining you can write to the other players that has not yet joined any game. In a network game you can write to the other players in the same game.

When you start typing some letters you will see them on the screen prefixed with your name. If there are more than one player from your computer you can change name by pressing the up and down arrow keys. Press Enter to send the message or press Esc if you want to delete the whole message without sending it.

It is not possible to write chat messages while racing because it could interfere with the keys used for driving so for that reason you have to be in the menu mode if you want to write messages while a race is going on.

There are also a few chat commands that can be used by the person who created the network game.

Command Description
/ban player Kicks all players from player's computer and blocks the IP from future joining attempts.
/help Shows a list of all chat commands.
/kick player Makes player leave the game.
/kickall player Kicks all players from player's computer.
/mute player Prevents all players from player's computer from writing new chat messages.
/list Shows a list of all player names.
/color player Shows the colour of the car that player drives.