Welcome to Dataapa!

Hello! I'm Peter Olsson from Sweden. I'm interested in computers, games and programming. But this website isn't really about me, but about my games that I have created.

When Dataapa was created in 2006 it mostly contained some simple flash games and a few other things that I had created. Since then I have discovered free software (open source) and abandoned flash in favour of C++ and SDL.

Nowadays I make sure all my games are free software by releasing them under the GNU GPL. In short this means you can use, modify and give the games away as long as you give the same rights to others, without having to ask for permission.

― 24 March 2016 ―
Brum Brum Rally 0.6 has been released.
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― 13 February 2015 ―
The problems with downloading .tar.gz files should be fixed now.

― 7 December 2014 ―
A new version of Brum Brum Rally has been released.
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― 31 December 2013 ―
The flash games that was on Dataapa some years ago has now been reuploaded.

― 14 December 2013 ―
Dataapa is now back with something that's worth calling a website.